Saturday, August 20, 2005

“Oh, Grow Up!”

I used to hate that phrase whether it was directed at me or at someone else. It used to make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

As of late, I have gained a new appreciation for that phrase. Why? Well, because as adults we often think that growing up is something that ONLY kids do, but you know what? Adults grow up too. I know, because just recently I did some growing up of my own.


To explain…

Last Thursday was my son’s first day in middle school and I have to admit I was nervous as heck. I remember middle school and I remember what a major change it was…going from the safety of elementary school where you had one classroom to a new world where you were responsible for changing classes, remembering a locker combination, navigating around a different campus, getting to class on time…ACK, the pressure.

Frankly, I was a scared for him. Not because I did not think he could handle it. My son is a bright kid and I knew he could handle the change… I was not sure I could. With this transition came the realization that he was no longer a little boy. I knew it was time to let him spread his wings and begin to soar.


With Growth...


…comes learning to let go.

Yep, that is what I did, I actually learned to let go this last week. I learned to have faith in myself as a parent and faith in what I have taught my son; to know right from wrong, to be a good person, to take responsibility, and to welcome change and grow with it. Most importantly, I learned that by letting go, that did not mean that I literally had to let go of my son…it meant that I was providing him with the room he needs to blossom and shine.

The results were amazing…not only did I grow this week, but so did he and we both had a bit of fun in the process! Now, if I ever hear the phrase, “Oh, grow up!”, I won’t be repulsed by it, instead I will smile and say to myself, “Don’t mind if I do.”


Until next time, be well… oh, and don’t forget to enjoy some growing up. 



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